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Warp Records, Skam
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A1. Wildlife Analysis 1:17
A2. An Eagle In Your Mind 6:23
A3. The Color Of The Fire 1:45
A4. Telephasic Workshop 6:35
A5. Triangles And Rhombuses 1:50
B1. Sixtyten 5:48
B2. Turquoise Hexagon Sun 5:07
B3. Kaini Industries 0:59
B4. Bocuma 1:35
B5. Roygbiv 2:31
C1. Rue The Whirl 6:39
C2. Aquarius 5:58
C3. Olson 1:31
D1. Pete Standing Alone 6:07
D2. Smokes Quantity 3:07
D3. Open The Light 4:25
D4. One Very Important Thought 1:14



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