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Ár: 2 490 HUF

Dátum: 2008-03-27
Cikkszám: -

Ad Noiseam is proud to release today the two following records: Cdatakill - Bleeding Hearts vol. 1 - 12 - adn82 The first volume of Bleeding Hearts, the vinyl companion to the Valentine album, features one new Cdatakill track, as well as remixes by Enduser, übergang (Christoph de Babalon s new project), Detritus, Lapsed and Mad EP. From the heaviest of breakcore to more melodic, syncopated hip hop-influenced track, this hand-picked selection of remixes shows the scope of Cdatakill s music and the influence of this long-running, extremely talented artist. Information and mp3 / get your copy Drumcorps - Grist - 12 (Ad Noiseam adn79 / Cock Rock Disco vrock10) The vinyl version of Drumcorps s remarkable (and remarked) first full length album contains a selection of six tracks of this project s furious, passionate and meticulous inbreeding of grindcore and breakcore. Aaron Spectre is at the top of his game, and keep on proving it, this time on vinyl.

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Breakcore/Hard Jungle